The quality of governance is crucial for Africa's sustainable socio-economic development and political stability. In this regard, people's perception on the quality of governance influences the way they interact with state institutions. The opinion polls Farafina Institute conducts consistently capture, amongst others, the views of the citizenry about the effectiveness of public policies, the efficiency and transparency of public and private services and issues of corruption.

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Through our opinion polls, we try to accurately represent the expectations of the citizenry about how decisions that affect their lives should be made and implemented, the credibility, legitimacy, and transparency of democratic processes, and their social, economic, and physical security. Our polls also cover perceptions about indigenous forms of governance and their effectiveness. Amongst others, we focus on the following areas:
- elections;
- corruption, accountability, and transparency of decision- making processes;
- rural development and decentralization;
- security, conflicts and violence.

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AGGN 2011, Berlin (Picture: Farafina Institute)

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