Call for volunteer ICT position

Offers of a volunteer/part-time internship position in Farafina Institute e.V.

Farafina Institute was founded as an NGO in 2012 by a group of African and European scholars, to conduct opinion polls, focus group discussions, research, and implement projects mainly in and on Africa. As a research institute, the main programme areas we work in include governance and Africa leadership, environment and energy, education and health, development cooperation, justice and human rights, agriculture and food security, economy and finance, and regional integration and migration. We also do consultancy work in these programme areas. For more information on the Institute, please visit our website,

Call for volunteer ICT position Farafina Institute seeks an assistant for its ICT Department.



The Assistant for ICT will be expected to assist and report directly to the Director for ICT of the Institute. He or she will carry out mainly technical maintenance duties of the Institute's website, and assist in creating data bases of the Institute. Other tasks may also be assigned to him or her by the Director for ICT and other members of the Board of Directors of the institute. The Assistant for ICT will be required to communicate and consult on regular basis, by whichever means practicable, with the Director for ICT and other members of the Institute where necessary. However, he or she will be free to work from home.


  • Knowledge of Joomla! 2.x as administrator
  • Practical experience with the Internet (World Wide Web, Social networks, online communication) as end-user
  • Basic knowledge of relational database design and SQL-language.


The candidate will acquire knowledge and experience in:

  • Internet content management
  • Online-Marketing
  • Database design.

He or she would be awarded a certificate of volunteer engagement or internship, at the end of the service.
Please note that when accepted, the Assistant will NOT earn a wage nor monthly salary, except if the Institute conducts or implements projects, then he or she may be paid allowances according to the amount of money available to the Institute.

Application process

Application is open up until it is filled.

To apply for the position, please indicate your interest (including CV) per email to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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