Quality assurance

Farafina Institute's research and surveys are designed completely independent of public and private authorities and its researchers and facilitators are also independent.

Our Institute is committed to the highest standards of research excellence. We ensure the validity and reliability of our data and research methods. The results of our quantitative studies are not presented as isolated curves, charts and graphs but are accompanied by analyses, with clear findings and conclusions, giving all the needed clarity for their further exploitation.

To ensure that the results of our studies meet the requirements of public and private agencies, we work with a team of professionally-trained experts who master our methods, data collection and analysis processes.
The psychometric evaluation of the barometer we use is subjected to a battery of statistical tests to ensure its validity. The reliability of each dimension of the barometer is equally tested. An instrument is reliable whenever it gives the same result in repeated usage. Therefore, we attach great importance to verifying the stability of the barometer over time by checking carefully the quality of the coefficient of internal consistency of each psychometric evaluation.

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