The Importance of Reliable and Available Information for Africa’s Development

The relevance of credible and easily accessible information on social, demographic, economic, and environmental conditions in African development processes cannot be overemphasised. It a crucial ingredient for policy makers and implementers in public and private sectors to formulate, disseminate, and implement informed policy decisions.
In this respect, Farafina institute wellcomes the initiative of African Development Bank Group (AfDB) to support and promote data collection in Africa.


The African Development Bank Group (AfDB), in partnership with Knoema, has launched an Open Data for Africa platform aimed at significantly increasing access to quality data necessary for managing and monitoring development results in African countries, including the MDGs. The platform will also serve as a knowledge center for collecting, accessing, and sharing data and data-driven content. The initiative enhances and underpins the AfDB's statistical strategy to improve data collection and dissemination in Africa, and to promote statistical development in its regional member countries.

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The imperative of opinion polls to find alternatives to GDP

Has GDP lost its value as indicator of well-being?

The article below presents a brief on the debate for or against finding a new and alternative indicator other than GDP, for measuring a country' welfare and thus the true well-being of its citizenry.



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In this respect, Farafina Institute believes it is only the citizenry themselves, not politicians, economists, nor scientists, who can and should measure their well-being.

The opinion poll of the citizenry of every society is an imperative tool in this regard, to identify what true well-being constitute for people. Read the following article to see why an opinion poll is imperative in this debate.

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Study "Public Attitudes Towards Development"

This report details the findings from the February 2010 wave of a survey designed to track the UK public’s attitudes towards development.

The study was conducted on behalf of the Department for International Development (DFID). 

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Poll reveals majority of sustainability experts fear Rio+20 UN summit will be wasted opportunity

According to a major international poll of sustainable development experts, a majority of opinion leaders surveyed (57%) view the Rio+20 United Nations Summit scheduled for June 20-22, 2012 as a critical opportunity to make progress on sustainability leadership, but very few (13%) think it will succeed. images

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Public opinion on development policy and aid - Eurobarometer

Published on the website of the European Commission

The Commission regularly monitors European public opinion on development policy and the EU's role as aid donor. The surveys consistently show that there is strong support for action at European level in this field.


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